In 2004-2005, Aude took courses in journalism at the University of Utrecht.

Two examples of Aude's writing can be found under the following links. The first is an interview with British recorder maker Adrian Brown (written for FCJ, Forum voor Communicatie & Journalistiek, Universiteit Utrecht) and the second is a feature article on the former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt published on the blog of the Volkskrant (Dutch daily paper). The second Word download is an update on Betancourt.

Summary & Translation Interview Adrian Brown (Word doc, 143,8 Kb)

'Colombiaanse presidentskandidate al vier jaar vast', Volkskrant

Update & Translation Ingrid Betancourt (Word doc, 45,8 Kb)


Looking for publisher!

Aude is looking for an interested publisher for the French translation of the autobiography of Dutch resistance fighter Justus E. (Ted) Marchand, ‘Mijn Dubbel Spoor’, Uitgeverij A.G. Schoonderbeek, Laren.

A partial translation is available on request (in collaboration with Françoise Chardonnier).

a french translator
a french translator
translations french english dutch

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